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The Grip Weeds, The Sound is in You (Rainbow Quartz). Little Steven showcased the Weeds's three-minute masterpiece, "Every Minute," on his Underground Garage syndicated radio show. The rest of the foursome's 2003 album (now available in a remastered, remixed version with bonus tracks) is pretty terrific too. " - Stuff at Night - Boston, Massachusetts (10/05)

" of the overtly retro underground power pop bands." - High Bias - Austin, Texas (2/15/04)

"...The Grip Weeds’ ambitious second album gets the remixed and remastered treatment courtesy of the ’60s pop revivalists at Rainbow Quartz Records..." - Echo Weekly - North Kitchener, Ontario (Canada) (11/14/03)

"...delivering Action-style white soul alongside that moment in the Who's 1960s career where the power chords started giving way to carefully co-ordinated arpeggios." B+. - iJamming - Brooklyn, New York (11/07/03)

"... this CD successfully merges ‘60s R&B-influenced rock with ‘90s Britpop to create a modern sound with brilliant melodies and catchy hooks." - Spill Magazine - Toronto, Ontario (Canada) (10/06/03)

"...the Grip Weeds have an amazing grasp of vocal harmonies, collective group unity, and songwriting skill." - Harp Magazine - Silver Spring, Maryland (10/06/03)

"One of the label's brightest hopes...they offer the shock of the new." Logo Magazine - Southampton, England (9/15/03)

"Powerful pop-based rock honest in its intentions and true to it's roots that is well-crafted, extremely well-played and delivered with passion." - MOHAIR SWEETS - Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) (9/02/03)

"The Sound is in You's real magic lies in its ability to transport listeners to a simpler time..." - Splendid - Illinois (8/6/03)

"...the reissue an exceptionally enjoyable one for any fans of psychedelic pop or just pop in general." - Fufkin - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (7/03)

"...The Grip Weeds are very much a band with a simple genius--and that is to rock." - - Carthage, Texas (7/23/03)

"...their music—a swirling, ’60s-era melange of pop, psychedelia and straight rock—evinces a more robust set of influences." - Entertainment Today - Los Angeles, California (7/20/03)

"...The Gripweeds sound somewhat slicker and smarter than most modern day garage rockers." - Chart Attack- - Toronto, Canada (7/3/03)

"...Excellence in sound, stylishness in design: advantages which make a hell of a difference in any given musical context, but nowhere as much as in the world of psychedelic pop... ***1/2" - Rolling Stone - Germany (7/1/00)

"...there is a certain depth and something uniquely yearning inherent in the Grip Weeds' music that sets it apart from any power-pop that has come before or after...With their second album, the Grip Weeds reached the pinnacle of the '90s pop-rock curve. (4 1/2 out of 5 stars)" - All Music Guide - Ann Arbor, Michigan (1/21/00)

"...With no stone left unturned, this record explores every aspect of folk, psychedelia, acid rock, British R&B, Merseybeat imaginable to create one of the decade's masterpieces. (8.5)." - Kevin Mathews - Singapore (11/1/99)

"There are countless influences that affect my work as a vocalist, drummer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. The thing is, they just sort of come up in the heat of the moment, when you're working on something or thinking about it. I suppose my main influences are the Beatles, the Byrds, The Who, The Moody Blues, Brian Wilson, maybe John Mayall. I'm mostly into rock music and electric blues but I also really like classical Western and Eastern music and some jazz, but not that fusion stuff!" - The Celebrity Cafe - Valley Stream, New York (10/99)

"The New York contingent was well represented by Mannix and the Mockers, who both played sparkling, well-received sets. The Gripweeds, however, sent everybody into orbit with a powerful, near-perfect melding of groovy psychedelia, Byrdsy strumming and guitar heroics. And, I take back what I said in the IPO program about Clem Burke being the best pop drummer around; after witnessing the Gripweeds’ fire and brimstone, I am now a convert to The Percussion Church of Kurt Reil…" - Amplifier - Pawtucket, Rhode Island (10/99)

"...Someone has to step forward with just a little bit of vision. There's a lot of talent here. A lot of energy has been created here. It's really just a matter of organizing the energy. It wasn't there when we started playing 10 years ago. The New Brunswick scene was mostly punk bands. Now a lot of the bands are playing this type of music." - KICKS - The Courier News - New Jersey (7/8/99)

"...The intro track, appropriately called "Intro" and the following "In Waking Dreams" provide enough of a signal to spark the interest of any pop fan with a good ear. Recorded at their 'House of Vibes' Studio, The Sound Is In You is a modern pop classic made to be heard by fans of '60s groups such as The Who and The Byrds at their most rocked out." - 20th Century Guitar Magazine - Douglaston, New York (04/99)

"Togged out in leather and velvet, the Grip Weeds have all the tainted glamour of a classic Rock n’ Roll band, and are strange birds in the Power Pop nest they are often presumed to inhabit..." - Bucketfull of Brains - London, England (04/99)

"...Moreover, the band's endlessly experimental sensibility, keenly honed to a razor-sharp point, neatly echoes a sweetly upbeat 60's mindset without ever reducing it to a sentimental cliche. A smashingly fine and most refreshing album." - Jersey Beat - Weehawkin, New Jersey (04/99)

"So the place was packed, and the band's set was perfectly timed to impress the now overflowing club. I just wasn't ready for what happened. Out of nowhere came The Sound Is In You's opening cut, "In Waking Dreams" live and explosive with Kurt Reil's Keith Moon-ish fills and the band's quasi-psychedelic pop sound..." - YeahYeahYeah - Boonton, New Jersey (04/99)

"Ranked number 47 in the Editor's Picks for the Top 50 Albums of 1998. Also, on the list of artists include REM, Elvis Costello, The Posies, The Jesus & Mary Chain and Beck." - YeahYeahYeah - Boonton, New Jersey (03/99)

"Ranked number #6 by Dawn Eden on the list of top albums of 1998" - The Village Voice - New York, New York (04/99)

"Somewhere between the Smithereens and Monster Magnet is where The Grip Weeds should settle in the course of great New Jersey rock bands. Working, writing, and recording from the House Of Vibes, the quartet's Highland Park headquarters, the band has released a sure gem to the scene, The Sound Is In You, a beautiful blend of power-pop rhythms, sweet melodies, and to-die-for Beatlesque harmonies." - - Hackettstown, New Jersey (3/4/99)

"This New Jersey foursome is making a rapid ascent from alternative underground cult status to mainstream acceptance." - Goldmine - Iola, Wisconsin (2/12/99)

"A monstrous new release from the fab Grip Weeds... Anthems galore and one of the most mightily Top Of The Shelf releases of the year. Extremely Highly Recommended." - Not Lame Recordings - Ft. Collins, Colorado (2/99)

"The Grip Weeds polish their Revolver-era Beatles-meets-Badfinger-and-the Who sound and hit a bull's eye..." - Magnet (1/99)

"...Where H.O.V. found many critics attaching a "psychedelic" label to The Grip Weeds sound, The Sound Is In You covers a wide range of styles from spiritual ("In Waking Dreams") to power pop ("Ready And Waiting") to folk-rock ("What I Believe Is You") to, well okay, psychedelia ("Inca")." - Amplifier - Pawtucket, Rhode Island (1/99)

"Great '60s meets '90s rock, with ripping guitars, powerful drumming, and golden harmonies on top...One of the best live bands today, do check them out, as well as their CDs." - Amplifier - Pawtucket, Rhode Island (1/99)

"A keen sense of melody pops up (pardon the pun) all over The Sound Is In You but achieves its highest peak on the marvelous Strange Bird - which could have been called Strange Byrd. Some great harmonies come through here and the melody carried by the guitars create a lovely cascading pattern. Strange Bird is not only the best track here, but one of the best tracks I've heard in 1998..." - Shake It Up (1/99)

"This furtive foursome,together for over a decade now, FINALLY unleashes the "Revolver" we all sensed they had in ‘em all along. Yessir, these Weeds have seldom sounded ­ or played ­ this assuredly tuneful before AND, believe it or not, they can actually replicate it all On Stageo! Ever once hear those Beatles attempt "Tomorrow Never Knows" outside of Abbey Road? Huh?? Case possibly closed then..." - Twangzine (1/99)

"The Sound Is In You is my favorite release of this year..." - The Record - At Your Leisure (1/99)