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"One of the great things about the Grip Weeds: At their best, they can make you feel like you’re stoned even if you’re not." - Pop Matters

"...these tracks are the rarities of our catalog, the stuff real fans would have to really dig for, if they could find them at all." – Medleyville

"...a compilation of rarities, there is a cohesion in its presentation." – Kinston

"Rarely have we heard a collection of rare and unreleased tracks that so closely simulates the sound of a brand new album." –

"A fascinating series of dusty gems culled from the trippy center of their minds." – Aquarian Weekly

"Even better than you expect them to be." – Active Listener

"Soaring, syrup-free harmonies...sashays in on a groove that could get even the staunchest wallflower out on the dance floor." – Max Magazine

"A delight...twisting, turning and churning with [each] brain-bending measure." – Something Else!