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Press Releases

USA Today “Bursting with terrific songs.” "The vibrant results, House Of Vibes Revisited, shimmers with chiming ’60s-style guitars, lush harmonies, and Kurt’s powerhouse drumming, which recalls his primary influence, Keith Moon." - Modern Drummer - Cedar Grove, New Jersey (03-03/08)

"Not merely for genre fans, this is a disc that belongs in the collection of any fan of melodic, driving rock." - Skope Magazine - Boston, Massachusetts (01-02/08)

"A ground-breaking album breaking new ground all over again." - Goldmine - Iola,Wisconsin (12/21/07)

"A ground-breaking album breaking new ground all over again." - Aquarian - Little Falls, New Jersey (12/12/07)

"As the album's title implies, the band jumped the home recording trend by converting a residence into its private recording universe, immersing themselves in sonic experimentation." - The Big Takeover - New York, NY (10/24/07)

"A discovery (or maybe re-discovery) in the cool category, to be sure." - Buzzine - Hollywood, California (10/15/07)

"The songs are wonderfully melodic and feature complex, densely constructed harmony vocals ...It’s easily my pick for reissue of the year..." - SoundStage - Ottawa, Canada (10/07)

"..the platonic ideal of power pop, hypnotic sweetness, amped and riffed and drummed into rock intensity." - PopMatters - Evanston, IL (09/21)

"..the jewel of this band is their catchy tunes, great harmonies, and the outstanding lead guitar of Kristen Pinell. This girl can riff." - FOX 6 News- Milwaukee, WI (09/17)

"The American answer to Britpop...[a] stellar album." - All Music Guide - Ann Arbor, MI (09/07)

"Upbeat and highly melodic, these folks effectively captured the essence of a live band playing while still managing to incorporate plenty of smart and appropriate overdubs" - babysue - Chattanooga, TN (09/07)

"..praised for their ability to take elements of '60s rock and '70s power into the modern era..Power-pop fans will really love it!" - Sun Herald - Biloxi, MS (08/31/07)

“ the garage rock the members clearly love is an obvious and welcome influence..the grit of the overdriven, distorted guitars and the pounding drums that give things a libidinous pulse.” - Things I'd Rather Being Doing - Iowa City, IA (08/28/07)

".. full of peppy, and fluid melodies, thoughtful lyrics, semi-intricate guitar arrangements, and appealing harmonies." - Jersey Beat - Weehawkin, NJ (08/27/07)

"..explosive, guitar driven edginess..the new fangled creation loses none of its original charms, and would clearly stand in with a foot in each era as an almost peerless recording." - Semiurban Cartography - Portland, OR (08/25/07)

"an unexpected surprise... it's damn catchy and well-executed." - Creative Loafing - Tampa, FL (08/22/07)

“Showcasing great original material (by the brothers Reil and Hargreaves), too-cool sibling harmonies and sizzling chops, ‘House of Vibes Revisited’ presents a beautifully re-mixed/re-mastered edition of this minor classic.” - Iowa Press-Citizen - Iowa City, IA (08/16/07)

"The combination of seamless harmonies, propulsive drumming and slash and burn guitar playing is always going to be in fashion, especially when the songwriting is as strong as it is on this album." - Kingston Free Press - Kinston, NC (08/16/07)

“‘House of Vibes’ was, and is, an indie-pop gem – the kind of unassuming but immaculately crafted album that is constantly being rediscovered by new fans of the genre.” - Star-Ledger - Newark, NJ (08/11/07)

“If Little Steven is calling one of your tracks (‘Salad Days’) the coolest song in the world, well you know you've done something right. But there's more to it than this, and anyone who's come to the Weeds late (as well as anyone who came to them early) needs to pick this one up.” - Absolute Powerpop

“Every track is classic here. … Don’t miss this one.” - Power Popaholic

"A Grip Weeds song is so distinctive and unique that it obliterates most pop pretenders, retro-mongers, and fetishists... If there is one way in which ‘House of Vibes’ does harken back, it is this: the music recalls an era when a pop song had the capacity to change the way the world looked, the way you look at the world. That is a quality too often missing in any music.” - All Music Guide (08/07)

"New Jersey's Grip Weeds spin sparkling, insanely catchy psych-pop on their full length debut. Four stars." - Pulse

"House of Vibes is loaded with cool songs that are sometimes trippy, sometimes poppy, sometimes garagy, but always appealingly structured and highly melodic... definitely a road worth traveling...quite a triumph." - Goldmine