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Press Releases

"There have been the amazing few (live) albums which contained material well worth the effort--- Cream's Wheels of Fire, for instance, or Cheap Trick At Budokan or MC5's Kick Out the Jams. You can add Speed of Live....Play this one loud. Then you'll understand." – Rock and Reprise

"Shines like a supernova...left me shaking my head at their state of major label independence." – Aquarian Weekly

"The band tear through a slew of their own songs with a sense of joy, fury, and sheer go-for-the-throat bone-rattling brio that’s a galvanizing blast to hear." – Jersey Beat

"This New Jersey band leaves the studio gloss at home and plays power pop in the excellent primer to one of the best melodic rock bands on the East Coast." - Powerpopaholic

"A wonderfully recorded, energetically played live document." - Musoscribe

"It’ll be interesting to see where the band will go from here, but what better way to pass the time than by listening to one of the best live rock albums to come out in the last decade." - Kinston Free Press

"If there’s one band you can always rely on for a good blast of paisley-pricked power pop, it’s the Grip Weeds. Encore! Encore!" - Something Else

"Echoes of the early Who, Kinks, Byrds and Small Faces with a touch of Foo Fighters... a superb live rock recording – loud, raw and real." - Main Edge

"Its fifty-seven minutes go by in what seems like an instant. There is not a single weak song in the collection, or a dull interlude in any of the fifteen songs. The record sounds great whether you are listening with headphones, or driving around in traffic at the end of a tough day at the office. In other words, Speed Of Live is just great rock and roll by a band that deserves a whole lot more attention than it receives. Go out and get it." – Mediatapper

"I don’t often recommend a live album as an icebreaker to learn about a band, but this album is an exception. It includes the bulk of the band’s best songs... a cool package from a cool band." – Music Notes

"A doubly generous one-two punch for both the ears and the eyes!" – My Old Kentucky Blog

"Exciting and fun... shows what their great psyche pop can do to people. It can grip them. And weed out the poseurs." – Rocktober

"Provides the perfect step by step indoctrination into the Grip Weeds' world. It's one in which it's forever 1968... and the world's forever immersed in a psychedelic haze... An excellent companion piece to the band's just released live opus Speed of Live." – Blurt