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"The Beatle-esque Grip Weeds turn in two stellar performances: a faithful rendition of “You Can’t Do That” and an impressive version of “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Due to the latter’s complexity, the song is notoriously difficult to cover; however, the Grip Weeds turn in one of most appropriately psychedelic renditions I’ve heard. The group is rapidly becoming one of the foremost interpreters of the Beatles catalogue." – Something Else

“The Grip Weeds return with their intense, psyched-out cover of the Sgt. Pepper era classic “Strawberry Fields Forever”...” – Culture Sonar

"It’s a daunting challenge, of course, to create a tribute to such a — forgive the pun — towering musical figure as Lennon. Where do you start? What do you do? How can your efforts seem worthy?...These tracks show deep knowledge of the tracks, and deep affection. Some are pretty straightforward, and others add new twists...Of the more straightforward songs, my favorite is The Grip Weeds’ “You Can’t Do That,” an explosively buoyant version of one of Lennon’s underappreciated early Beatles songs." –