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Press Releases

"...the best album of their end-to-end singular experience..The long-lost art of the Album as a totality." - BallBuster Music - Louisville, Kentucky (01/06/16)

"...this album and this band are absolutely great...All in all, How I Won the War is a great album from The Grip Weeds...RUSTY'S SCORE 5/5" - Red Dirt Report - Little Falls, NJ (11/30/15)

"The Grip Weeds’ ideas have always been on the edge of greatness, and the end result of How I Won The War is a concise, 51-minute journey through 17 movements of highly original rock and psychedelic delight just begging for national attention." - The Aquarian - Little Falls, NJ (08/26/15)

"The resultant seventeen track album finds the band sounding refreshingly independent...drawing from inspirations only when doing so serves to enhance their collective vision." - Blitz Magazine (08/26/15)

"This sonic manifesto couldn’t be any clearer or better defined... immensely enjoyable." - Blues Matters - Bridgend, UK (07/28/15)

"Who knew that wars could be won with well placed guitars, a bank of vocals and choruses of quite gigantic stature? The Grip Weeds, that's who. Let them show you how." - Sea of Tranquility - Newburgh, NY (06/30/15)

“How I Won the War” is polished, damned-near-perfect garage pop for the masses, and it’s sure to wind up on many year-end “best of” lists. Don’t miss it." - Goldmine - Iola, WI (06/29/15)

"...unfailingly effective album" - Audiophile Audition - Portland, OR (06/22/15)

"...a seventeen-song celebration of beautiful songwriting from four highly gifted players who took the name for this record from a 1968 film starring John Lennon." - Jersey Beat - Weehawken, NJ (05/10/15)

"With a perfect balance of creamy (and often intricate) vocal harmonies and heavy power chording, the New Jersey group's latest shows that 27 years after their debut, they still have plenty to say musically." - Musoscribe (05/07/15)

“...this album is pure shock and awe. Highly Recommended." - PowerPopaholic - East Meadow, NY (04/15/15)

“...there’s an unquestionable vitality to their performances, and great range in the songwriting" - NJ Arts - Montclair, NJ (04/09/15)

“This album is quite the surprise, and a pleasant one, in that the band sound stays intact while the power is amped up." - Sagerini (04/07/15)

“...explores themes of conflict and it does so with the band’s trademark guitar-driven, melodic but muscular pop." - - Princeton, NJ (04/02/15)

“Jangly, quasi-psychedelic, harmony rich and masterfully crafting full-bodied songs...a stone-cold masterpiece" - POP DOSE - Staten Island, NY (03/23/15)

“...this one will give you definite kicks!" - gapplegateguitablog (03/23/15)

“All in all, How I Won The War ranks up there with The Grip Weeds’ best, and that ain’t no easy task!" - International Pop Overthrow - Sherman Oaks, CA (03/23/15)