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Press Releases

"Soaring, syrup-free harmonies...sashays in on a groove that could get even the staunchest wallflower out on the dance floor." – Max Magazine

"Shines like a supernova...left me shaking my head at their state of major label independence." – Aquarian Weekly

"Super-fun blend of ass-kicking psych rock and jaunty power pop." – Timeout New York

“Brothers Kurt and Rick Reil draw on everyone's favourite 1960s psyche pop bands on their generous double-CD... the final tracks refocus the Weed’s apparently undiminished powers... Three Stars.” -The Sunday Times (London, UK)

“A double studio album in 2010 certainly conjures up images from a different time in music...The Grip Weeds make a strong case for its continued existence with "Strange Change Machine... Four Stars.” -Goldmine (Goldmine's Pick of The Summer)

“The album explodes off the CD player...” -Bucketfull Of Brains (UK)

“Bursting with terrific songs.” -USA Today

"We like to mix it up in Jersey and The Grip Weeds are a great example. A touch of John Lennon (and an appropriation of his character's name in "How I Won The War"), a bit of The Byrds, A dash of The Kinks, pinch of The Who, and a dallop of more muscular Zombies and you get something quite original actually. And quite cool." -Little Steven

"The vibrant results, House Of Vibes Revisited, shimmers with chiming ’60s-style guitars, lush harmonies, and Kurt’s powerhouse drumming, which recalls his primary influence, Keith Moon."-Modern Drummer

"A Grip Weeds song is so distinctive and unique that it obliterates most pop pretenders, retro-mongers, and fetishists.” –All Music Guide

“The natural progression from the Who to the Jam to Oasis” -Village Voice

"The Grip Weeds mow over their pre-Woodstock love-and-peace vibe with a treble-heavy, early 70s guitar attack." -Havoc Television (Havoc TV is a music channel available nationwide by Comcast and Adelphia digital cable service providers.)

"This is a band of four distinct individual talents that superbly blend together as one, creating a
whole which is greater than its parts and which, without each of these pieces, would be left lacking." -Bucketfull of Brains (UK)

"The Grip Weeds have a palpable group chemistry that so many bands boast of but so few actually possess." -Magnet

“Mighty fine trip.” -Rolling Stone (Germany)

“If you prefer out-of-tune guitars and adenoidal vocals or retro punk, the Grip Weeds will simply annoy. For everyone else, fall down and worship.”-Harp

“The sumptuous guitar sounds are the Grip Weeds’ glory...” -Q Magazine (UK)

“Glistening harmonies, deliciously jangly guitars and tightly constructed songs make [The Grip Weeds] the genuine article in a crowded field of power pop wannabes.” -Pop Culture Press

“They offer the shock of the new.” -Logo (UK)

"Their music—a swirling, ’60s-era melange of pop, psychedelia and straight rock—evinces a more robust set of influences."-Entertainment Today

“This is a group with a vision for great hooks and harmonies…One of this year’s true diamonds in the rough. " -David Weiss, writer for Drum!, Mix, Remix and Tape Op

“Good garage rock, huh? Check out the White Stripes, Green Hornes, Grip Weeds, Contrast, maybe the Hives (listen to a couple tracks first)... for starters.” -Ken Barnes, USA

“The title track is the kind of slow-burning, snake-charming, psychedelic vamp nobody writes anymore, and maybe never did.”-London Sunday Times (UK)

“If this quartet got a chance to open for Wilco on a national tour, the buzz would quickly become deafening.”

"It is easier to describe this band-- which gets its name from Private Grip Weed, John Lennon's character in the film How I Won The War-- as being on a mission to capture what is best about '60s group music for a new audience in the coming millennium." –Goldmine

“Wah-wah wonderful.” -Uptown Magazine

"NJ’s Grip Weeds have bridged the gap between old and new..." -Graffitti

“The Grip Weeds wear their influences like badges of honor.” -Pop Matters

"Giant on the Beach is power-pop par excellence..." -Splendid

“A near-perfect slice of vintage psychedelic pop.” -Buckettfull of Brains (UK)

“There is a certain depth and something uniquely yearning inherent in the Grip Weeds' music that sets it apart from any power-pop that has come before or after.” -All Music Guide

"This is not your father’s (or grandfather’s) drowsy, zen-positive hippie music. I would imagine Paul Weller and Andrew Loog Oldham might listen to this stuff while pouring themselves Sunday morning black and tans." -My Space Review