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Press Releases

“An Eclectic treasure box filled with pop sensibilities and arabesque journeys through style...this is definitely one of the smartest, most varied records I’ve heard all year." - The Aquarian - Little Falls, NJ (12/29/10)

“Yes, It's that good... chock full of nearly-perfect guitar pop that recalls every band you've ever loved, without resorting to phony English accents...Get this." -Mike Fornatale - Shindig - London, UK (10/07/10)

“ that revels in the sheer joy of classic rock’n’roll. A full on guitar attack, timeless harmonies and a real sense of urgency in the playing combine to make it a hugely enjoyable listen.” - AmericanaUK - Liverpool, UK (10/02/10)

The Grip Weeds - Strange Change Machine “Brothers Kurt and Rick Reil draw on everyone's favourite 1960s psyche pop bands on their generous double-CD... the final tracks refocus the Weed’s apparently undiminished powers...Three Stars.”- Stewart Lee - The Sunday Times - London, UK (09/19/10)

GOLDMINE'S PICK: "A double studio album in 2010 certainly conjures up images from a different time in music...The Grip Weeds make a strong case for its continued existence with "Strange Change Machine." - Goldmine - Iola, WI (09/24/10)

"The album explodes off the CD player..." Also in this issue: Feature story- interview with Kurt Reil conducted by Barry Gutman. - Bucketfull Of Brains (UK) - London (UK) (09/20/10)

"What is a surprise though is how fresh The Grip Weeds sound today despite its many 60s and 70s era influences...The Grip Weeds have produced one fine piece of work here" - Skope Magazine - Melrose, Massachusetts (08/27/10)

"...Our guess is that Strange Change Machine represents the band at their peak..and in the future this will always be the album that all of their other recordings are measured by...These two discs are bursting at the seams with good vibes and soaring pop melodies...The four members of The Grip Weeds are on top of their game here." - babysue - Chattanooga, TN (08/10/10)

"Strange Change Machine roars to life with an explosion of drum rolls...throbbing guitar delays, ringing major seventh chords, and soaring harmonies are proof once again that The Grip Weeds belong in rock’s pantheon." - GoodSound - OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada (08/09/10)

"...I strongly recommend adding this gem to your collection as soon as possible." - The Worley Gig (07/04/10)

"It gets a top ten album nomination for 2010, easily." - PowerPopaholic (06/29/10)

"The fifth Grip Weeds album is a doozy...a fresh take on what those in the know call rock and roll." - California Chronicle- Arroyo Grande, CA (06/17/10)

"It’s packed full of great songs, epic in length and substance, but stand out as a great rock album that has material that will continue to be discovered, which is the true trademark of a great, enduring rock and roll album." - Paisley Umbrella - Austin, TX (05/10/10)