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How I Won The War

2015 Jem Recordings (CD/LP/MP3/FLAC/HD)

Available in the Online Store as Standard Edition CD / Vinyl / Download, Deluxe Edition CD / Vinyl

In 1967, John Lennon starred in a cult film called How I Won The War. In 1988, a band from New Jersey derived their name from Lennon's character in the film, Muskateer Gripweed. In 2015, The Grip Weeds devised an album that delivered on the promise of the lackluster film's lofty title. In truth, How I Won The War the sixth Grip Weeds studio album of new material, features more emotional depth and a greater plot than the film of the same name. Like any great piece of art, the themes explored by The Grip Weeds in this 'concept' album are universal, yet there is plenty of room for the listener to insert themselves into the proceedings. Featuring vocal harmonies that would make CSNY jealous and muscular musicality on par with The Who, How I Won The War is the edgiest Grip Weeds album to date, and builds on a streak of four releases this decade.

track listing (click for preview)

1. How I Won The War
2. Rise Up
3. Follow Me Blind
4. Life Saver
5. Other Side Of Your Heart
6. See Yourself
7. Vanish
8. Sounder Inst
9. ForceOf Nature
10. Crossfire Inst
11. Heaven And Earth
12. Over And Over
13. Rainbow Quartz
14. Truce Inst
15. Lead Me To It
16. AKA Victory
17. The Inner Light

"How I Won The War"

"Life Saver"

"Rainbow Quartz"