Strange Change Machine 2-LP

2019 Ground Up Records (CD/Download)
2010 Rainbow Quartz Records (CD/LP/MP3/HD)
Strange Change Machine
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Strange Change Machine is “a 24-song tour-de-force that sees The Grip Weeds perfecting their trademark Power Pop-meets-Psychedelic Rock legacy of albums past while diving into uncharted musical territory, delivering the boldest recording of their career.” -Pete Gour

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“An Eclectic treasure box filled with pop sensibilities and arabesque journeys through style...this is definitely one of the smartest, most varied records I’ve heard all year." –Aquarian Weekly

"The album explodes off the CD player..." –Bucketfull Of Brains (UK)

“Yes, It's that good... chock full of nearly-perfect guitar pop that recalls every band you've ever loved, without resorting to phony English accents...Get this." –Shindig (UK)

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track listing (click for preview)
Disc One / Side One
Speed of Life
Close To The Sun
Don't You Believe It
Be Here Now
You're Not Walking Away
Thing Of Beauty

Side Two
Sun Shower
Strange Change Machine
Sun Ra Ga (Pt. One)
What Can I Do
Green Room Interlude
Mistress Forest

Disc Two / Side Three
Coming And Going
The Law
Hello It's Me
Truth is (Hard To Take)
Nothing's Ever Going To Be The Same

Side Four
Hold Out For Tomorrow
Long Way (To Come Around)
Love In Transition
Used To Play
Sun Ra Ga (Pt. Two)
Mr. X

"Speed Of Life"

"Don't You Believe It"