Summer Of A Thousand Years

2001 Rainbow Quartz Records (CD/MP3)


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The third installment in the continuing musical evolution of the Grip Weeds! Includes "Is It Showing" as heard on Q104.3's "Out of the Box" show with Jonathan Clark dddand “Love’s Lost On You” as heard on Little Steven’s Underground Garage satellite and terrestrial radio programs.

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“Their third album invokes vintage recordings by The Move or The Who, pitched at the mythical moment where pure pop struggled with the onset of rock, a self-styled “serious” music about to break the three-minute barrier... the title track is the kind of slow-burning, snake-charming, psychedelic vamp nobody writes anymore, and maybe never did.” –London Sunday Times

“Summer of a Thousand Years is one of the best albums you’ll hear this year, from one of the most capable and dedicated bands you’ll hear in your lifetime.” –Amplifier

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track listing (click for preview)
1. Save My Life
2. She Surrounds Me
3. Rainy Day #3
4. Don't Look Over Your Shoulder
5. Future Move
6. Is It Showing
7. Window
8. Love's Lost On You
9. Changed
10. Life and Love, Time to Come
11. Love That Never Ends
12. Melancholia
13. Moving Circle
14. Summer of a Thousands Years

"Love's Lost On You"