JEM Records Celebrates
Brian Wilson

(Various Artists)

2021 JEM Records (CD)

JEM Records Celebrates Brian Wilson (Various Artists)

CD: $12.99

CD Autographed by The Grip Weeds: $17.99

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The second in the series of multi-artist tributes to the icons of rock is JEM Records Celebrates Brian Wilson, featuring covers of songs from both his albums with The Beach Boys and his work as a solo artist. The Grip Weeds, The Weeklings, Richard Barone, and The Anderson Council are among the artists contributing tracks.

The Grip Weeds contribute two tracks to this collection: A rocked up version of “You’re So Good To Me” and “Heroes And Villains/ Roll Plymouth Rock,” a 5-minute-plus epic that includes sections of The Beach Boys’ SMiLE.

Ben Greenman, co-author of “I Am Brian Wilson: A Memoir,” writes in the liner notes that Wilson’s “finest songs are immortal, but they got a little more life this past year, when the very things that afflicted him — anxiety around others, a dependence on and despair regarding his solitude, the realization that people need a mess of help to stand alone — took hold of the world once again during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, ‘In My Room’ was not just a portrait of a solitary genius, but an international reality. This record, and the artists who contributed to it, reflect back Brian’s brilliance, his pathos, his ability to transform isolation and loneliness into direct emotional and spiritual communication, and in doing so they move the music and its magic forward in time.”

“It’s an exciting album. I asked our artists to choose tracks and they unleashed their creativity. Everyone enjoyed the opportunity and the album shows their enthusiasm,” said Marty Scott, President of JEM Records.

Mastered by Kurt Reil at The House Of Vibes; Many of the tracks were also recorded and mixed there by Kurt Reil.


"My top marks easily go to The Grip Weeds for their Psych Rock reimagining of a “Heroes & Villains” that morphs into “Rock Plymouth Roll”, and back again! It’s a powerful rendition showcasing a deep understanding, knowledge, and reverence for the source material – I bet someone in this group owns a light-up SMiLE Sessions box – and offers a considered “what could have been” arrangement that blends the best ideas of both tunes.” –Allan Smith, Endless Summer Quarterly (read the review here)

Mastered by Kurt Reil at The House Of Vibes; Many of the tracks were also recorded and mixed there by Kurt Reil.

Track Listing
“The Warmth of the Sun,” The Weeklings
“Help Me, Rhonda,” The Weeklings
“You’re So Good to Me,” The Grip Weeds
“Hang On to Your Ego,” Nick Piunti
“Love & Mercy,” The Gold Needles
“Girl Don’t Tell Me,” The Anderson Council
“Dance, Dance, Dance,” Johnathan Pushkar
“Don’t Worry Baby,” Lisa Mychols & Super 8
“Heroes and Villains/Roll Plymouth Rock,” The Grip Weeds
“In My Room,” Richard Barone
“Do It Again,” The Midnight Callers
“I Get Around,” Richard Barone and Johnathan Pushkar
“I’d Love Just to See You,” The Anderson Council
“Please Let Me Wonder,” Johnathan Pushkar
“Pet Sounds (Story),” Lisa Mychols & Super 8