Bucketfull of Brains (UK)
#61 Spring 2002

The Grip Weeds
Summer Of A Thousand Years

Paisley by nature and paisley by name, the new Weeds CD will surely grip you with its swirling display of pop pyrotechnics. Live, they are on of the best in-your-face rockin’ bands that you could ever encounter, but in the studio they offer a different kind of experience: They draw out, play around and mostly go for a more mellow and textured approach. Still reliant on a Byrds and Who groove which is the starting point for their excursions, they set forth propelled by Kurt’s dynamic drumming to revisit various corners of the mid-sixties/early seventies, but manage to apply the brakes just before skidding into Progland and becoming the new Millenium’s Blossom Toes!

From the opening descending 12-string jangle of “Save My Life” through the graceful “Future Move” or the sinous interplay of “Changed”, you will find plenty here to delight the pop fan with stoner tendencies…it’s definitely fine stuff once you allow it to get hold of you. –Robin Wills