October 1999

"As I sit swigging Welch’s Grape Soda while pounding on the trusty computer keyboard, I’m in the throes of a major case of Post-IPO Letdown, a malady that is no doubt afflicting many throughout the international pop community. This year’s second annual International Pop Overthrow Festival (held July 23rd-August 3rd in Los Angeles and environs) was again a non-stop orgy of fun, frolic, music and friendship, and an event that most everyone was sad to see end. The following are some brief post-IPO thoughts from your intrepid pop reporter, who managed to throw caution (as well as health, sanity and sleep) to the wind and attend seven shows...

"The New York contingent was well represented by Mannix and the Mockers, who both played sparkling, well-received sets. The Gripweeds, however, sent everybody into orbit with a powerful, near-perfect melding of groovy psychedelia, Byrdsy strumming and guitar heroics. And, I take back what I said in the IPO program about Clem Burke being the best pop drummer around; after witnessing the Gripweeds’ fire and brimstone, I am now a convert to The Percussion Church of Kurt Reil…"