20th Century Guitar
March 4, 1999

The Grip Weeds
The Sound Is In You
(Buy or Die)

For pop fans worldwide it just may be a case of buy or die regarding the new CD from the New Jersey-based band The Grip Weeds. Earlier efforts from the band painted them as a steady '90s rock ensemble with a penchant for all things '60s retro-pop. Formed in the late '80s by brothers Rick (guitar, vocals) and Kurt Reil (drums), the group -- also featuring new member Michael Nattboy (bass) -- are famous for the dynamic guitar sound of guitarist Kristin Pinell -- who clearly fronts her share of the sonic assault here. The intro track, appropriately called "Intro" and the following "In Waking Dreams" provide enough of a signal to spark the interest of any pop fan with a good ear. Recorded at their 'House of Vibes' Studio, The Sound Is In You is a modern pop classic made to be heard by fans of '60s groups such as The Who and The Byrds at their most rocked out.