Not Lame
February 1999

The Grip Weeds-The Sound Is In You- Top 10 Release of '98
by Bruce Brodeen

A monstrous new release from the fab Grip Weeds. The follow-up to House of Vibes is well worth the four year wait! It's a work of art, vision and patience. Recorded at they own professional studio, House Of Vibes, these 16 songs articulate their own sound in crystal clear fashion. They know what they are going for and they find it on each track. Only hinting at the psych-pop leanings of the early 90's sound, this record updates the sounds of The Hollies, The Creation, The Zombies legend and muscles it up along side the stiff upper lip of Page/Plant and Who-like thunder. This is not to say this is a power pop Led Zeppelin, but Kristen Pinell's (she also is the lead guitar player in The Rooks) genius guitar work is clearly influenced, most righteously, by Sir Page. And her joining the group has upped the band's song focus significantly. This is modern Pop. Shimmering guitar, ebullient vocals balanced on one another, hooks piled up of The Rooks, the above bands, 4 O'Clock Balloon, Mockingbirds, Orange Humble Band, on and on. Anthems galore and one of the most mightily Top Of The Shelf releases of the year. Extremely Highly Recommended.