Shake It Up
January 1999

The Grip Weeds "The Sound Is In You" - (Buy or Die)
by Claudio Sossi

Full of great songs framed within a hint of psychedelia, great musicianship, and solid arrangements, The Grip Weeds The Sound Is In You is a tremendous outing from this rock band of the first order.

All the while throughout The Sound Is In You, The Grip Weeds demonstrate terrific instincts with regards to melody and hooks. Ready And Waiting and Tomorrow definitely fall in the realm of immediate gratification thanks to their great vocal arrangements and some wonderful guitar from Kristen Pinell. Pinell also takes a turn at the vocal spotlight on the band's cover of Neil Young's Down To The Wire where.The Grip Weeds "The Sound Is In You" - (Buy or Die)

Drawing from wells as varied at pure folk (What I Believe Is You) and charging hard rock (Everything And All You Feel), The Sound Is In You reveals a band that achieves a perfect balance between professionalism and rock and roll spontaneity. Tracks such as Games and We're Not Getting Through manage to be disciplined without sounding sterile.

A keen sense of melody pops up (pardon the pun) all over The Sound Is In You but achieves its highest peak on the marvelous Strange Bird - which could have been called Strange Byrd. Some great harmonies come through here and the melody carried by the guitars create a lovely cascading pattern. Strange Bird is not only the best track here, but one of the best tracks I've heard in 1998.

Indeed, The Grip Weeds are an accomplished group of writers, singers, and arrangers. Thankfully, all of this is reflected perfectly on The Sound Is In You.