October 02, 2010

The Grip Weeds “Strange Change Machine” (Rainbow Quartz, 2010)

Classic Sixties and early Seventies rock sounds


You have to admire a band with a vision and the willingness to follow through on it and New Jersey’s Grip Weeds definitely have both. This is a band in love with psychedelia, The Kinks, The Who, the British invasion in general and who even extend their tentacles as far as Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac. In lesser hand the results of melding all this together could been a complete disaster but The Grip Weeds manage to take all these disparate influences and make them into something that, while constantly recognisable, is also somehow new and different.

They’ve really pushed the boat out too, as “Strange Change Machine” is a double album. A proper one too, with gatefold packaging, psychedelic designs and the title in an old computer-style font for that genuine 1960s “this is the future” feel. It’s not an album full of insight and introspection, deep thoughts or emotions, but rather one that revels in the sheer joy of classic rock’n’roll. A full on guitar attack, timeless harmonies and a real sense of urgency in the playing combine to make it a hugely enjoyable listen. Bet they’re a storm live too.

Date review added: Saturday, October 02, 2010
Reviewer: Jeremy Searle
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