August 2010

Grip Weeds - Strange Change Machine (Double CD, Rainbow Quartz, Pop/rock)
We were already big fans of The Grip Weeds...but this time around they've really outdone themselves. Our guess is that Strange Change Machine represents the band at their peak..and in the future this will always be the album that all of their other recordings are measured by. On this gripping double album these folks take all the ingredients from their previous recordings and fine-tuned them to the point of perfection. It should be noted that the band did everything themselves...all the recording and mixing...even the cool album graphics. These two discs are bursting at the seams with good vibes and soaring pop melodies. And, of course, those unmistakable harmony vocals are the icing on the cake. Great songs, addictive rhythms, killer guitars, and top-notch vocals...what more could you ask for...? There's a lot to take in here...twenty-four tracks in all...and there's not a single bad apple. Interestingly, the band includes a cover of Todd Rundgren's signature tune "Hello It's Me"...and they do a damn good job of recreating this decidedly difficult track (even diehard Rundgren fans will be impressed). The four members of The Grip Weeds are on top of their game here...tossing out mindblowing oughta-be hits like "Speed Of Life," "Be Here Now," "Thing Of Beauty," "Mistress Forest," "Coming and Going," "Hold Out For Tomorrow," and "Mr. X." An instant and obvious TOP PICK.

5 stars