Issue 17 July/August 2010

The Grip Weeds – Strange Change Machine
(Rainbow Quartz double-CD)
Mike Fornatelle-Shindig

If their new song “Speed of Life” doesn’t make major stars out of The Grip weeds, it’s time for all the guitar factories worldwide to close up shop and start making little paper umbrellas instead. The line has been drawn.

Yes, it’s that good. After one great album and three brilliant ones, these smug little overachievers have come up with a bright blue arc-light sugarflash of a song that is likely to leave you gasping for breath. And the pace hardly slows over the course of these two (yes, two) CDs –chock full of nearly-perfect guitar pop that recalls every band you’ve ever loved, without resorting to phony English accents. I’m sorry, but this almost TOO good. The casual listener risks brain-freeze – or maybe just that short-circuited feeling you have when you’ve eaten six pounds of chocolate caramels in as many minutes.

Do you love The Move, The Beatles, The (early) Who, The Zombies, Big Star, Badfinger? Get this.