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"One of the great things about the Grip Weeds: At their best, they can make you feel like you’re stoned even if you’re not."
- Pop Matters

"...these tracks are the rarities of our catalog, the stuff real fans would have to really dig for, if they could find them at all."

"...a compilation of rarities, there is a cohesion in its presentation." – Kinston

"Rarely have we heard a collection of rare and unreleased tracks that so closely simulates the sound of a brand new album."

"A fascinating series of dusty gems culled from the trippy center of their minds." – Aquarian Weekly

"Even better than you expect them to be." – Active Listener

"Soaring, syrup-free harmonies...sashays in on a groove that could get even the staunchest wallflower out on the dance floor."
Max Magazine

"A delight...twisting, turning and churning with [each] brain-bending measure." – Something Else!