The Grip Weeds - Inner Grooves (Rare and Under-Released Tracks) (CD, Ground Up, Pop)
New Jersey's Grip Weeds have certainly captured their intended share of the marketplace. For folks who love the British Invasion of the 1960s, the poppier side of Utopia, and The Beatles, there's no group who effectively captures the sound of all three as well as these folks. For any other band, Inner Grooves would be the album they'd been hoping to record for decades. But for the folks in The Grip Weeds, the album is simply a collection of unreleased tracks that are only now being made available to the public. Rarely have we heard a collection of rare and unreleased tracks that so closely simulates the sound of a brand new album. The mastering on these tracks is so slick and exceptional that you don't even get the impression that there are any time lapses between recording sessions. These tracks shine and shimmer with the chiming guitars and vocal harmonies that the band's fans have come to know and love. If you love The Grip Weeds, you're sure to love this album. If you've never heard the band, well...this will serve as a great introduction. Killer cuts include "Nothing Lasts," "She Don't Care About Time," "Sight Unseen," and "Sun Ra Ga." We've yet to hear anything by this band that we didn't love.