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Infinite Soul: The Best of The Grip Weeds | Press Releases
All Music Guide - Jo-Ann Greene
"This set indeed brings fans all the best the band has to offer and then some..."

Way Wicked Cool
"For the Grip Weeds, the possibilities of songcraft and melodic inventiveness established by the great musicians of ’60s rock haven’t yet been exhausted, which is why the band’s music still has the kick, thrill, and immediacy of something new and exciting...That they’re now in the studio recording their next album gives me reason to feel hopeful about 2009." - Joe Taylor,

Medleyville - Gary Pig Gold
"...Infinite Soul compactly presents 16 of their greatest career-spanning four-minute blasts so that, if you haven’t already caught on, there's surely no excuse anymore.'

12/15/08 - Joseph Taylor
"...It sounds fresh and vital, as if they’d rediscovered what made rock’n’roll so exciting in the first place...Each song on Infinite Soul is a multitracked gem, with more subtle details coming to the surface with each listen."

"...basically think of every great rockband from the sixties, throw it all together and you've got The Grip Weeds."

Pop Matters - Alan Brown
"Infinite Soul: The Best of the Grip Weeds: Overall, a great entry point to a magical body of work. And, hopefully, a shining augury of things to come."

Paisley Umbrellas
"The Grip Weeds have set a new standard for powerpop. It's never been done this way before. Infinite Soul: The Best of The Grip Weeds and their anthology Infinite Soul: The Best of The Grip Weeds offer a great taste of new adventures to come."