Iola, WI

Grip Weeds
House of Vibes Revisited
Ground Up Records (57664)
Grade: 5 STARS

The Grip Weeds

In a grunge filled world, The Grip Weeds' 1994 debut arrived like manna from heaven. In many ways, the band was the American answer to Brit-pop, but better, serving up an enticing dish of British Invasion pop, liberally garnished with psychedelia and late '60s hard rock.

Thirteen years on, not only hasn't the album dated, it actually sounds even more relevant. Subtle remixing brings the bass up, and it has been remastered to create a cleaner sound -- all of it making House of Vibes Revisisted a relevation, one that's now packed with extras. There's a trio of early demos and half a dozen exciting period live recordings interspersed with short interviews, while the booklet gives the album's background and the enhanced CD takes you online for even more music, videos, photos, etc. A ground-breaking album breaking new ground all over again. -- Jo-Ann Greene