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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
September 17, 2007
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The Underground Garage: Refreshing Sounds
by Vince Condella from FOX 6 Milwaukee (Chief Meteorologist for FOX 6 News in Millwaukee)
Sep 17, 2007 | 4:56 PM
Category: Music
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It is so refreshing to stumble upon a fresh source of new music on Milwaukee's airwaves. Even if it's not new music, I'll settle for different music from what we would hear from the playlist-infected local radio stations.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't blame the local radio stations for sticking with a prescribed playlist of the most popular songs requested by listeners. This is how the radio stations keep listeners.

But I am digging Little Steven's Underground Garage ( It airs locally on WKLH (96.5 FM) between 10pm and midnight Sunday nights. This is the radio show of famed guitarist, producer, and actor (The Sopranos) Steven Van Zandt. Each week he plays an eclectic mix of oldies, newbies, and garage band sounds. You won't hear this stuff on the radio.

Everytime I listen to his show I discover a new band to download on the iPod. This week it's a New Jersey band called The Grip Weeds ( This band has the sound of The Beatles and The Byrds, yet with a modern twist. Fronted by brothers Rick and Kurt Reil, the jewel of this band is their catchy tunes, great harmonies, and the outstanding lead guitar of Kristen Pinell. This girl can riff.

I recommend "Salad Days" and "Someone", two tunes that are now on my iPod playlist entitled "Vince Likes These". That playlist includes a bunch of new discoveries thanks to Van Zandt's Underground Garage radio program. (Check out "The Actual" (, another outstanding band - from L.A. - more of a punk sound).