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Ann Arbor, MI
September, 2007

House of Vibes Revisited
The Grip Weeds

Review by Jo-Ann Greene

The Grip Weeds
House of Vibes Revisited
4.5 Stars
Release Date
Aug 4, 2007
Ground Up
* Rock
AMG Album ID
R 1206952

Of all the groups to emerge in the mid-90s, few better captured the disparate sounds of the time than The Grip Weeds did on their debut, self-produced and self-recorded album House of Vibes. With hindsight, it's evident that the band were the American answer to Britpop, both were plowing the same British Invasion field. However, the Weeds spread much further afield, into late 60s psychedelia and hard rock, and with "Out of Today" even added a tinge of grunge to their retro sound.

Their album was an astonishing achievement, and has barely dated over the last 13 years, so no wonder the group decided to remodel it for House of Vibes Revisted. The remix is subtly done, giving the set a cleaner sound and pulling the bass more to the fore, but it's little more then freshening up a perfectly good frock.

What makes the reissue relevant are a trio of short interviews and the nine bonus tracks appended to the remixed album. A pair of the latter were recorded live in 1993, including a fiery attack on "Out of Today" and a spectacular Cream-y take on Fleetwood Mac's "One Sunny Day". A further quartet were performed in acoustic fashion during a radio appearance in 1995.

There the group gave "Close Descending Love" an acid wash, trotted out there best Beatles-esque harmonies for a cover of the Blues Things's "It Ain't No Big Thing", showcase their best guitar interplay on "Someone", and deliver up a succulent version of Jefferson Airplane's "Good Shepherd". A trio of fabulous demos complete the set, offering further insight into the band's musical vision. But fans aren't done yet, stick the CD into your computer, and go on-line for more music, videos, info, photos and more. Quite a package then, with the photo-laced sleeve notes telling the story of the band's early years and the making of this stellar album.