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Get a grip on a classic reissue

"House of Vibes Revisited," The Grip Weeds (Ground UP Records,


Looks like a winning hand this week, with three five-star releases.

The first single on this remixed, retooled 8/14 reissue of The Grip Weeds' 1994 debut has been acclaimed "the coolest song in the world" by Little Steven's Underground Garage. The Grip Weeds are perhaps the ultimate DIY band: they actually lived in the house where House of Vibes was recorded; and have been praised for their ability to take elements of '60s rock and '70s power into the modern era.

Songwriting brothers Kurt (drums, vocals) and Rick (guitar, vocals) Reil plus lead guitarist Kristin Pinell and bassist Michael Kelly have updated original multi-tracks using digital technology in ways not possible even a decade ago. Bonuses galore adorn this reissue, with interviews, demos, live acoustic and electric tracks bringing the original 12-track total to 25!

My favorites include the aforementioned single, "Salad Days"; the ripping opener, "Out of Today," which is later reprised in rowdy live form; the hauntingly layered "Before I Close My Eyes"; and a lovely acoustic slice of power pop titled "Good Shepherd."

There are lots of other trippy, unique ones here, also. Power-pop fans will really love it! Get a copy locally, check their Web site at or visit major online retailers.