Jersey Beat
Weehawkin, NJ

THE GRIP WEEDS - House Of Vibes Revisited ( Having missed the Grip Weeds the first time around, I've become a fan of their power pop/ alternative tunes. Originally released in 1994, this reissue is chock full of extras, including Matt Pinfield's (WHTG-FM) interview with Kurt. It's Matt at his best, with his easygoing vibe, and Kurt spilling out a few Grip Weed stories that are just plain fun to listen to. The CD also includes a few demos, most importantly "Don't Belong" and "Walking in the Crowd," both of which add a couple of twists to the originals that are compelling. There are also "Live Acoustic" and "Live Electric" sets that are fun and interesting, as they present some of the songs from House of Vibes with different shades and textures. This album is by no means dated, it's full of peppy, and fluid melodies, thoughtful lyrics, semi-intricate guitar arrangements, and appealing harmonies. Another Jersey DIY power popster band ( they're from Highland Park) that has matured (they put out a new album earlier this year), and keeps reinvigorating itself along with its fan base. If this is one of those bands that you've been hearing about for years, now's the time to (re)discover for the first time. The Grip Weeds are the musical link between other Jersey bands like The Smithereens, The Cucumbers and The Bongos. Hey, you know, how about a New Jersey Muisc Hall of Fame? There's, like, a gazillion bands that would make the grade. - Phil Rainone