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November 2004 Reviews
Cleveland, Tennessee

The Grip Weeds - Giant on the Beach (CD, Rainbow Quartz, Semi-psychedelic pop/rock)
Recorded and produced entirely by the band in their home studio, Giant on the Beach is an impressive and highly melodic adventure. The folks in The Grip Weeds are influenced first and foremost by 1960s psychedelic pop. The band consists of brothers Kurt Reil and Rick Reil, Kristin Pinell, and Michael Kelly. The band took their name from a character John Lennon played in the film How I Won the War (Private Grip Weed)...which is fitting, as many of these tunes are reminiscent of some of The Beatles' late 1960s albums. Though the band's sound is decidedly retro, their overall attack and stance are current. Songs are what make or break bands of course...and that's what makes Giant such a pleasing spin. The thirteen cuts on this album are pleasing smooth pop with a really cool organic sound. Instead of relying on too much unnecessary technology, the band drives their tunes home with tons of neat guitars, subtle keyboards, smart lyrics, and heavenly vocal harmonies that are out of this world. The songs ring with a genuinely cool spirit that truly reverberates in the mind. Lovely tracks include "Astral Man," "Infinite Soul," "Sight Unseen," and "Telescope." Beautiful material...executed to perfection. (Rating: 5+++)