October 2005

"...Another album that was eagerly awaited around these parts was The Grip Weeds' Giant On The Beach. I was hugely impressed by their previous two albums, and I'm pleased to say that this new one continues musically in much the same spirit. Lyrically there is quite often a theme of spirituality running through the songs. Astral Man is heavy psych-rock with reincarnation-inspired lyrics: "I've got to wake up on this earth/Back where I was before my birth/I'm going round and round again until I learn". Give Me Some Of Your Ways is excellent melodic psych-pop with occasional country hints. I Believe is about pondering what's 'out there' in a spiritual sense, and features an exciting, impassioned vocal section near the end. Infinite Soul: great title, great sitar solo, great song altogether. Once Again is from the more laid-back side of psych-rock and is very beautiful, both musically and lyrically. Waiting For A Sign is overtly spiritual with its references to a discarnate spirit: "Dear departed dissipating in the sky/Back to where you started from another life/On a level I don't know/Separated or infused with the power of the soul/Hear me calling, I am waiting for a sign/Send a message to me from the other side". Sight Unseen is an excellent critique of those people who only see the world in terms of mainstream science and deny the existence of anything spiritual or intuitive, which is set to an upbeat 60s pop meets country melody. Closer to Love is probably best described as psychedelic folk-rock, and features lead vocals from the band's lead guitarist Kristin Pinell. I find it very encouraging that the lead guitarist is female; there are too few woman lead guitarists, especially in the psychedelic scene. I totally love this album. It's so moving, inspiring and uplifting, on so many levels. Quite probably the best album I've heard for some time."