Bucketfull of Brains (UK)
June 2005

Giant On The Beach

The Grip Weeds newest release Giant On The Beach on the Rainbow Quartz label is quite possibly their best album yet. From the opening psychedelic rock of "Astral Man" to the 60s psych and pop influences on "I Believe" and Infinite Soul". One hears strains of The Beatles, Mamas & Papas, Badfinger and the Who throughout the CD. Kristin Pinell's lead guitar work is superb and very lyrical in its approach to the melody line of each song. Complementing it rather than pummeling it into submission. It's also nice to hear Kristin's warm voice singing lead on her "Closer To Love". All-in-all this is a band of four distinct individual talents that superbly blend together as one, creating a whole which is greater than its parts and which, without each of these pieces, would be left lacking. Rainbow Quartz has yet another winner on their hands with this release!