Uptown Magazine

"The Grip Weeds are one of the finest ‘60’s- flavoured psychedelic pop/rock bands going. With echoes of the 12-string Byrds. Moby Grape, the Springfield and the Move, they’re a live powerhouse. This is only their fourth album in 10 years’ time, but it’s a really fine one. A quartet led by brothers Kurt (drums, vocals, songs, more) and Rick Reil (guitars, vocals, songs, more) with Kristin Pinell (guitars, vocals, more) and bassist Michael Kelly, they’ve managed to fully submerge their influences into a unique and refreshing rock sound, much in the vein of the great Paisley Underground bands from the mid-‘80’s California. The album’s opener “Astral Man” is a perfect lead-in to their sound, all paisley and pachouli, but never anything less than a great rocker. “Give Me Some of Your Ways” brings out an almost Springfield-ish country edge. “Infinite Soul” may be the strongest cut, firmly splitting the difference between Big Star’s #1 Record and Badfinger’s No Dice. “Waiting For a Sign” has traces of The White Album with a hint of the Who. Kristin Pinell is the George Harrison of the group, relegated to maybe one song and lead vocal, and this time it’s “Closer To Love”. As usual, it’s one of the record’s highlights. Bottom line, give me a hard-rockin’ band with excellent songs, 3-4 part harmony, and a touch of paisley, and the occasional sitar, and I’m there.” – Kent H. Benjamin