The Grip Weeds “How I Won The War”
April 15, 2015

The Grip Weeds “How I Won The War”

Going way back to the roots, the Grip Weeds were named after John Lennon’s character Private Gripweed from the 1967 film How I Won The War. Using the movie’s anti-war theme as a starting point, they signed with Jem Recordings and put out a masterful concept album, thanks in large part to lead singer/drummer Kurt Reil , his wife guitarist Kristen Pinell, his brother Rick Reil and bassist Dave DeSantis. The band doubles down on the rich psychedelic prog sound that started with Strange Change Machine.

The prog-pysche rock starts with the colorful title track, a combination of explosive melody lines with a drum-reverb drenched guitar chorus. A mix of The Byrds, Yes and Cream all wrapped up in one. “Rise Up” is a rougher garage approach, Kurt’s aggressive lead vocal is contrasted by the bands smooth harmonies.

Although there is a lot to go through (17 monster tracks) the jangling hooks are all over “Life Saver” and the dream-like “Other Side Of Your Heart.” You’ll get more familiar Grip Weeds buzzing guitar sound with “Force of Nature,” and Kristin get to sing lead on the mid-tempo “Over and Over.” We also have a nice tribute to the band’s first signed label “Rainbow Quartz.” The band also throws in a few instrumentals to pad things out, but we do close with a great cover of The Beatles’ “The Inner Light.” I always look forward to the Grip Weeds music and this album is pure shock and awe. Highly Recommended.

the grip weeds - how i won the war