August 2017

The Grip Weeds - Force of Nature: Live in NYC (DVD, Ground Up, Pop/rock)

A terrific viewing and listening experience. This DVD presents The Grip Weeds playing live for an appreciative audience at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York City. Hard to believe the band has now been making music for almost two decades (!). For those unfamiliar with The Grip Weeds, the folks in this band have an image that's kinda mod 1960s and their sound combines elements from the British Invasion with power pop bands of from the 1980s and 1990s. But it's all delivered with the slick precision of twenty-first century know-how. This concert is a refreshing change of pace from the norm in 2017. Whereas your average modern-day concert is very focused on lights, dancing, and posturing...these four folks are first and foremost concerned with playing their instruments and making everything sound great. Kinda like Badfinger playing live in the 1970s...they didn't do much other than stand around...but the music they made was pure magic. The current Grip Weeds band is comprised of brothers Kurt Reil and Rick Reil, Kristin Pinell, and Dave DeSantis. We love the part of the show (before the band plays "Rainbow Quartz") where drummer Kurt tells the audience that guitarist Kristin "plays like a man." After which, Kristin quickly responds by saying "No, you guys play like women." Hilarious. The band played 22 songs for their fans, and everyone was obviously lapping it up. We particularly like the way this was shot. The cameras are right up at the stage with the band. So instead of seeing an auditorium and concert goers, you feel like you're actually standing on stage with the band while they're playing. We haven't yet been fortunate enough to catch this band in this is most definitely the next best thing. We highly recommend this's GREAT. Top pick.