Giant On The Beach

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Once Again!

On November 22nd, the brand-new and re-imagined Giant On The Beach Anniversary Edition (Remixed And Expanded) will be released by The Grip Weeds from Ground Up Records, exclusively to The Grip Weeds Online Store at; an official worldwide release will follow in January 2020. The collection will appear on vinyl, CD and FLAC/HD/mp3 download formats in both standard and deluxe configurations. UK-based Sugarbush Records is simultaneously releasing the LP on transparent gold vinyl; all available now for exclusive pre-order HERE.

Back To The Beach
The Grip Weeds released Giant On The Beach in Fall 2004, an album that fused pulverizing rock, psychedelia and soaring harmonies into a heady mix that won over legions of fans, including Bruce Springsteen guitarist/Sopranos star Steven Van Zandt. What Van Zandt and the thousands of fans who saw that band on tour that year in Europe and the United States heard in Giant On The Beach was a way to scratch that classic rock itch without having to pretend the world stopped in 1975.

At the time, Oasis was trying their best, but no modern group has ever summoned the authentic sound and swagger of rock's glory years while maintaining their own identity as effortlessly and successfully as The Grip Weeds did for Giant On The Beach. From a production standpoint, the album was a confident yet nuanced slab of modern, classicist rock that bridged (or connected the dots of) popular music's present, past, and future.

Remixed And Expanded
With Giant On The Beach Anniversary Edition (Remixed And Expanded, The Grip Weeds have not only remixed the original 13-track album from the multi-track tape and digital sources, but they've also re-recorded several key album tracks in new live-in-the-studio arrangements. Furthermore, the Giant On The Beach classic "Give Me Some of Your Ways,” originally recorded as a wistful, breezy showcase for The Grip Weeds' renowned vocal harmonies, has been re-imagined in this collection as a full-on electric stomper. They also unearthed live concert performances, the radio appearances and demos, which will be included in the deluxe edition.

The standard version of the Giant On The Beach Anniversary Edition (Remixed And Expanded) features the remixed original album and expanded with two extra tracks, while the deluxe edition includes the aforementioned plus a full-length bonus disc with five Giant On The Beach numbers performed live in-the-studio, live in-concert recordings, radio performances, demos, outtakes and alternate mixes. Also included is a digital booklet with detailed track-by-track notes by the band, full lyrics, interviews, photos and links to videos of the new studio performances. The deluxe edition LP includes the 13-song album on vinyl plus the single bonus disc on CD, as well as access to all download materials.

All told, the Giant On The Beach Anniversary Edition re-imagines and expands on the promise of the original version... what more could you wish for from a Genie?